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For the Littlest of Littles


Even though they may not be talking or even potty trained, that doesn't mean they aren't learning.  Here are some great videos to help pacify and teach our YCK Nursery kids.

Curious Tots


Want something a little more fruitful and spiritually educational for your little ones? Here are some videos to help our precious little ones grow.

Elementary Age Growth


Whether your kids are bursting at the seams to learn more or if they are just getting started in their walk, these resources can help them in their growth.

Teenage Years Are Tough

Teenage Years are Tough

Teens... these are hard years. Especially when you are trying to lead a healthy Christian lifestyle.  Take some pointers from these videos.

Parenting Studies


Parenting can be tough, but it's easier with help.  Here are some great studies and devotions that may lend a helping hand.


Leadership Principles

Don't think you're a leader? Think again! Just because you may not lead a bible study or a small group doesn't mean you aren't leading someone.  Here are some great studies with Christ based leadership principles.

Adult Bible Studies


Here is a list of our current and past bible studies.  Use the link ta follow along on your own or go back to a past study for review.